My Story

Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me!! First, let me tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in Maryland but I am currently residing in Tucson, AZ. I joined Scentsy in August of 2013 and have LOVED it ever since! I am currently a K-2 Teacher Aide for a charter school but prior to this I served in the US Air Force for 6 years. I met my husband when we were both stationed in Texas. We got married in Hawaii on August 3rd, 2014!  Together we have TWO fur babies. One is a full breed boxer named Leonidas and the other is a Chihuahua/Pug mix named Bentley. We just grew our human family by one on March 4th, 2016, we had a baby girl named Abigail Ann Garcia! Being a new mom is exhausting but she is worth every second!   Now, you may be thinking....why did I join Scentsy?! Here's why: I am OBSESSED with Scentsy products! For me, sharing Scentsy isn’t a job or something I do because I want to make money. I do it because their products are simply amazing and I love sharing it with everyone I know and see! My obsession actually started with candles because my mother was an avid candle burner. She loved her house smelling awesome so it is something that I carry on for her memory ever since she passed away. I used to get those candles from Bath & Body Works before I was introduced to Scentsy by a coworker. I didn’t like the idea of flames and the potential of my house burning down because I am forgetful and never remember to blow out the candles before I leave. But I had no idea Scentsy existed at that point. Long story short, a coworker introduced me, I fell in love, and I bought a couple warmers for myself and one for my mom (when she was still alive). I didn’t actually sign up until I met a consultant at a Thirty One party (weird, right?). She told me all about the incentives, the awesome people you connect with, and overall what it entailed. I was hooked and I have been ever since. Scentsy has changed my life. I love being able to share these products and show people just how awesome this company is. They care about their people and their customers. The extra income I will earn through Scentsy will help pay for unexpected things like pet emergencies, flat tires, and broken computers! It is nice to have a second income and know that I am not living paycheck to paycheck. But most of all, I have gained a sisterhood. The ladies & men on my team are the most helpful, supportive, motivational people I have ever met. Who knew that just $99 could change your life?! I am enjoying my journey and I hope that you decide to join this awesome company as well, someday soon! I am here to answer and ALL of your questions!